Cap Rocat Regenerative

Our heritage, our legacy


Within these sandstone walls, the Earth entrusts us with its legacy, an invaluable treasure that has been nurtured with care and wisdom throughout generations.

We have the privilege of being stewards of this treasure; a heritage to protect, a promise to uphold. And here, our every step not only serves to ensure its survival but also its regeneration—guaranteeing that the heritage we admire today will also be cherished and enjoyed by our heirs tomorrow.


Cap Rocat, galardonado con el premio Natura 2000. Cap Rocat, awarded with Natura 2000 prize.

Our promise

Deeply committed to all that surrounds us, since our creation in 2010, at Cap Rocat we have strived towards a sustainable development. Cap Rocat Regenerative is a step towards the future that not only mitigates the consequences of our activity but also regenerates and places what really matters at the very heart of what we do.

And what is it that really matters?

A legacy that belongs to us all, a heritage to protect, a promise to uphold.

Regenerative Alliances

Our co-funding programme is at the heart of our commitment to the community and the environment that surrounds us. Every euro contributed by our guests and staff is doubled by the hotel’s matching contribution, multiplying the impact of each donation. The funds raised are channelled directly to foundations such as the Mallorca Preservation Foundation and the Madina Mayurqa Foundation, which are devoted to the preservation of biodiversity and the care of the Balearic Islands’ rich cultural heritage. This joint effort not only reinforces our commitment to the conservation of our environment but also strengthens the bonds between our visitors and the essence of our local heritage.

Cap Rocat Entorno Fondo Marino
Madina Mayurqa