Chapter 5, Wellness



Cap Rocat SPA

Discover your body and reconnect it to your soul.

Cap Rocat, member of SLH, awarded with the Fortress Study Group prize.

The spa carved out of the depths of the rocks, the most sheltered place in the fortress, is the setting for a hedonistic voyage that aims to reconnect you with your own sensations.

Everything is calm, there's no hurry, let’s stay a little longer.

You’ve probably never dreamt of blue skies that chase away the gloom and clamour for its minute of glory. You slowly take the plunge, emptying the air from your lungs to release the weight and lighten the load, and upon emerging, the rays of the Mediterranean sun caress your face. You lean back against the stone wall. Everything is calm, there’s no hurry, let’s stay a little longer.

S.P.A. pool Cap Rocat

You've probably never imagined that 12 metres below ground there would be so much light, that the rays of the sun could caress your skin as you slowly swim in the saltwater swimming pool.

A path devoted to rest.

The silence, the austerity and the grandiosity of a space that paradoxically envelops and shelters; the serenity, the scents, the humidity… The carpet at the centre marks the path that leads you to absolute relaxation, to letting yourself be pampered, to calm and unwinding.

An experience of pleasure and relaxation to restore balance.


Chapter 5, Wellness

A spa carved in the depths of the fortress.

The Turkish culture of water and body wellness is epitomised by our spa, which is located in the most secluded and sheltered nook of the fortress—found 12 m. below ground level, yet enjoying perfect natural lighting.

The light, the silence, the fragrances, the water, the peace … Your hammam experience at Cap Rocat has begun. Just relax and enjoy!