Chapter 4, Cuisine

La Fortaleza

La Fortaleza restaurant

Flavours, amazement, enjoyment, passion.

La Fortaleza restaurant, rewarded with two Soles Repsol

An extraordinary and impressive area intended for only 30 diners. The soft, warm light; surprise, imagination and creativity; the intensity of the flavours and the quality of the products are the common denominators of a culinary experience that never ceases to amaze both in form and content.

Reinventing to showcase culinary traditions and culture. A passion for cooking and for a culture, which has already been recognised with two “Sol Repsol”.

La Fortaleza Restaurant: when amazing is enjoying.

First surprise. Dinner at La Fortaleza Restaurant begins outside. In spring, the adjacent lounge is the perfect spot for the first aperitif.

In this informal setting, it’s time to relax and enjoy. There is no cutlery in sight; appetisers are eaten with the fingers amidst free-flowing conversation and the crackling of the firewood in the fireplace. The piano, or perhaps a Spanish guitar, plays in the background — as if you were being welcomed into a home as if this were your home.

Fish with sauce on white dish

You step into the dining room. In spring and autumn, the restaurant is in what used to be the troops’ mess hall. It is an impressive area, easily likened to a temple of flavour that is cosy and intimate despite its grandeur.

Colonial-era porcelain, linen tablecloths, small lamps, soft, warm, indirect uplighting. The tables designed for two encourage conversation and confiding in each other. The staging is designed to recreate an atmosphere and trigger emotions. Just go with the flow.

Terrace of La Fortaleza restaurant, with panoramic views.

The culinary concept of La Fortaleza restaurant is a journey to the heart, an intimate stroll in which chef Víctor García and his team share their passion for quality local products, for culture and for their profession. And they do so by amazing diners and giving them free rein.

The essence of Majorcan cuisine.

Un paseo por Mallorca (A Journey through Majorca)’ features the island’s traditional recipes. This tasting menu is characterised by respect for the flavours and traditional cooking methods from our mothers’ and grandmothers’ kitchens — the culinary culture passed down by our elders.

The traditional ‘variat’, stuffed squid, and many other classic recipes appear before us on a journey full of surprises and unique plate presentations where nothing is what it seems and where trompe l’oeil and surprise reign.

rice on plate La Fortaleza Restaurant

The wine selection also speaks of Majorca

Callets, Manto Negro, Prensal and Malvasia wines are paired with dishes bursting with the flavours of Majorca.

Intensity of flavour and a passion for quality local products.

El Producto (The Product)’ is the handiwork of chef Víctor García that pays tribute to and extols the key ingredients of our cuisine. It is the chef’s most personal creation, a rigorous selection of the best seasonal ingredients using simple combinations designed to bring out the intensity of the flavours. A burst of colour on the plate and a burst of flavour in the mouth. An intense, honest, creative and unique concept that extols seasonal products and transforms them into haute cuisine.

Food served on blue plate Cap Rocat

Summers at La Fortaleza Restaurant.

In the summer months, the restaurant moves up to the roof, at the highest point of the fortress, affording the best views of the bay. Diners start with a welcome cocktail on the terrace lit with torches and candles, and covered with Moroccan carpets. A dreamy, fairytale atmosphere for a special occasion.

The tables are located in an ephemeral pavilion made of wood and wrought iron, a reproduction of a seaplane hangar that once stood on the Bay of Palma. Diners at all tables have a view of the Mediterranean, allowing guests to enjoy the best sunsets ever imagined. The scent of rosemary and the sea pervade the area, and the breeze is refreshing. Paradise must be akin to this.

Terrace of La Fortaleza restaurant, with panoramic views.
La Fortaleza Restaurant

Opening hours:

Open from tuesday to saturday from 7:00 p.m. to 09:30 p.m.

The Balearic Islands Food Critics Award for the Best Hotel Cuisine in 2012.
Favourite of Condé Nast Traveller in 2018.
Two Suns in the Repsol Guide, since 2019.

*We inform you that we accept reservations with children only if they are over 12 years old.