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08th June 2019

So solid crew

16th October 2018

Short, but sweet

04th June 2018

Destination wedding

28th May 2018

Hoteles Green

05th April 2018

Cap Rocat

12th December 2017

Gold List 2017

15th June 2017

Great escapes

05th April 2017

Premio Europa Nostra

19th July 2016

Hotels with history

13th June 2016

Pause for Fort

21st July 2015

Lujo en la roca

19th June 2015

Views to dine for

03rd June 2014

Cap Rocat review

08th October 2013

Fortress of solitude

07th Agosto 2013

Cruising in Cap Rocat

07th May 2013

Rest assured

10th April 2013

Moonlight bay

05th Octubre 2010

Cap Rocat, Mallorca