Chapter 2



Our rooms

The magic of staying in a fortified citadel.

Cap Rocat awarded with the prize Fortress Study Group.
Cap Rocat Habitación Doble Fortaleza

Double Fortaleza

Step into this room and see for yourself how you’re at the centre of life — at the very heart — of Cap Rocat.

Cap Rocat Suite Gazebo

Suite Cap Rocat

Inhabiting a space that was designed for the protection of the bay and filling it with life.

Cap Rocat Centinelas Exterior


No one can see us in this secret nook, no one knows we are here or what we are doing, or even that we exist…

Cap Rocat Suite El Cabo Terraza

Suite El Cabo

The place where the last arm of land sticks into the sea, or where the sea touches land for the first time.

Cap Rocat Suite del Mar

Suite del Mar

Imagine a simple life in a small caretaker’s house at the edge of the sea.

CAP ROCAT aerial shot from the se
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