Cap Rocat: A restoration that respects the environment.


Sustainability initiatives

Cap Rocat is located in a Natural Area of ​​Special Interest. Our philosophy is based on respect for the environment and pride in the cultural and ecological heritage of Mallorca. Thus, we take special care of the environmental impact of our activity, focusing on sustainability criteria to minimize the ecological footprint. Since Cap Rocat’s opening in 2010, we claim the simplicity of local products, supporting the ecological tourism and defending the flora and fauna of the area in which we are located.

Cap RoCap Rocat, awarded with Natura 2000 prize.
Cap Rocat Entorno Fondo Marino

Committed to the future of the planet.

An enclave declared a Natural Area of ​​Special Interest.

Entorno de Cap Rocat

At Cap Rocat we are highly aware of the heritage and natural wealth of the enclave where we are located, having the privilege of enjoying the waters of the Bay of Palma. An area known for its Posidonia, an aquatic plant endemic to the Mediterranean Sea that plays a vital role, helping in the oxygenation and purification of the waters.

We are custodians of this privileged location and thus put special care into the environmental impact in our operation. Our management is focused on different criteria of sustainability that let us improve our daily activity and minimize the impact on the environment that surrounds us.

The first initiative that helps us address our global impact on the planet and on our community is the Zero plastic waste: We aim to generate zero plastic waste, by exchanging all the plastic with biodegradable materials and eliminating single-use plastics. With this commitment, we aim to reduce the ecological footprint while continuing to implement sustainable initiatives through waste reduction.

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KM0 products: In our restaurants, we are committed to using products that have a lower impact on the environment. This means searching for the best organic products available on the island and using seasonal products as much as possible. We are also committed to not offering wild red tuna as this fish is an endangered species.

Support to associations

Our philosophy of respect for nature has materialized with the support of associations like Ondine and Save the Med Foundation, who look after the marine conservation of the Balearic Islands, enabling the Balearic Sea to recover its rich biodiversity and to thrive in harmony. To support this causes we collect funds among our guests and then contribute with the same amount, thus doubling the amount that is donated.
We also support the association Whole World Water, who focus on providing fresh water to areas in need around the world.