Chapter 1

Cap Rocat


Absolute privacy in an incomparable setting

Welcome to Cap Rocat, an ancient fortress located in the most secluded area of the Bay of Palma.

Cap Enderrocat hides a secret—a building originally designed for defence carved out of its sandstone depths. The fortress of Cap Rocat was never used for the purpose for which it was built and at present, it is the architectural complex where our hotel is found. It seamlessly blends into the landscape of this Protected Natural Area and has the privilege of having use of the waters of the marine reserve of the Bay of Palma, an area known for its Posidonia meadows and its wealth of biodiversity. Cap Rocat is also a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA), which lets us enjoy the spectacle of the flight of many species across our skies.

Cap Rocat awarded with the prize Fortress Study Group.

The project carried out by Antonio Obrador’s studio to renovate and convert Cap Rocat into a hotel paid particular and constant attention to preserving the uniqueness of its architecture and the natural environment of the ancient complex.

CAP ROCAT aerial shot nature
Cap Rocat Entorno Vista Aerea

In addition to restoring and adapting its austere facilities, it was necessary to comply with the strict regulations governing a building declared a Heritage Asset and listed as a National Monument. Respect for the cultural and natural heritage of Majorca, the harmonious result and its successful integration into the landscape have made it possible to bring the ancient fortress together into a unified whole, and connect its various buildings while minimising its environmental impact. The project has won several international awards such as the Europa Nostra, España Nostra and the Fortress Study Group awards.


An oasis of peace, a place to meet.

The refurbishment transformed the austere communal rooms of the fortress into relaxation areas where modern and contemporary harmoniously coexist with classic and historical, and in which different ambiences and private rooms have been recreated for the exclusive use of our guests.

Cap Rocat detalle terraza

In summer, the function rooms open, and both the courtyards and the terrace adjacent to La Fortaleza restaurant become impromptu spaces for events or simply somewhere to enjoy the evenings and the true essence of Cap Rocat. Once again, our fortress becomes an oasis of peace, an experience, the perfect gathering spot with the sea breeze gently blowing and providing the ideal backdrop for those moments of tranquillity, where wine and conversation flow.

A legacy of love and beauty.

The essence and philosophy of Cap Rocat, our understanding of the concept of accommodation, is a tribute to that lifestyle and view of travel as a vital experience that respects local diversity and traditions. Staying at Cap Rocat is a journey for the senses that lets us reconnect with love for our own through the unknown, the beauty of pleasures, the unhurried pace and the essence of what we should never have ceased to be.

Zonas comunes de Cap Rocat.

This magnificent refurbishment project comes with a family legacy, the desire to bring back the nostalgia of yesteryear, when journeys were made unhurriedly and with the aim of having experiences that would lead to spiritual growth.

Entrada Cap Rocat

It is only by loving what is ours, our own people and our own culture, that we can discover and love other cultures.