Chapter 2, Sleeping

Suite Cap Rocat


Sleeping in the embrasures of the fortress

Inhabiting a space that was designed for the protection of the bay and filling it with life.

A space to feel free.

In the embrasures of the fortress, where the batteries once rested without ever being used, today we take a nap and find ourselves in one of life’s paradoxes. From our gazebo, the view appears endless as we search for the Mediterranean horizon. Within view, we glimpse boats sailing across the bay—the anonymous providers of our spectacular breakfast. Perhaps we should never leave this private sanctuary where we can be ourselves and feel free.


Our unconventional Cap Rocat Suites have a small indoor sitting area with a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table and a desk. All the beds are king size (some with a canopy) and the décor, from the Moroccan carpets to the traditional Majorcan patterns decorating our soft furnishings, takes guests on a journey through the heart of the Mediterranean.


The private terraces spread across three levels give our suites the character and privacy that are the hallmark of the Cap Rocat experience.

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Chapter 2, Sleeping

The magic of staying in a fortified citadel.

From our Double Fortaleza rooms to our cosy Del Mar Suite, all of our rooms take the unique experience of staying in an ancient fortress to the next level. Courtyards, streets, secret watchtowers and battlements carved into the rock have been splendidly transformed into elegant rooms. They have been restored with the utmost care and respect for fine design, featuring the trademark privacy and charm of Cap Rocat’s exclusive style.