Island Regeneration 


We take our responsibility to regenerate the impact of our activity on the environment very seriously. To achieve this, we have implemented a series of measures aimed at reducing our environmental footprint and promoting sustainability in all our operations:


We desalinate most of the water we consume and are constantly raising awareness of its responsible use. In addition, we monitor our consumption to detect early leaks and use advanced technology to manage it correctly and reduce the use of this valuable resource.


We are committed to reducing our CO2eq emissions and work to generate energy from renewable sources for our own consumption. We encourage our guests to use their heating conscientiously to reduce our environmental impact.


All the electricity we consume comes from renewable sources, which allows us to avoid generating greenhouse gas emissions.


We have introduced a plan to invest in energy-efficient heating, cooling, and water heating systems to reduce our emissions by 25% over the next 5 years.


We continuously evaluate our processes to introduce practices to reduce our water and carbon footprint.

Beach access from Cap Rocat.


We guarantee the quality of our services by being environmentally friendly. For example, we only replace towels upon guest’s request or if it is evident that they need to be changed, thus avoiding water wastage and the consumption of fossil fuels required for their laundering.


We have internal purchasing policies that encourage the purchase of plastic-free supplies and materials. We are also developing a project to become a Zero Waste Hotel, in which waste is separated and revalued into new products.


All our buggies are electric to avoid pollution and noise within our facilities while promoting sustainable mobility.


Our decorative fountains recirculate rainwater, providing a habitat for birds during the summer.


Recognising the importance of bees in our environment, we collaborate with local beekeepers to grow honey in-house.