Culture and Heritage


The past and the present come together in a construction initially designed for defensive use, carved out of its sandstone foundations. The Cap Rocat fortress never fulfilled the function for which it was built, and today, it is the architectural complex that houses our hotel. It completely blends in with the landscape of this Protected Natural Area and has the privilege of enjoying the waters of the Bay of Palma’s marine reserve, an area known for its Posidonia meadows and its rich biodiversity. Cap Rocat is also a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA), which allows us to enjoy the spectacle of the flight of a variety of species over our sky.

Revealing the essence of our commitment to local culture and heritage.


Cap Rocat’s identity is an immersion in local culture and heritage. Our mission is to achieve the conservation and regeneration of our environment.


At Cap Rocat, we take great pride in immersing ourselves in the rich culture and heritage of Mallorca, working tirelessly to conserve and regenerate our environment. We design exclusive experiences that reflect the deep-rooted traditions of our land, such as the passing down of ancient crafts and the preparation of traditional products and dishes on special occasions.


The tradition of glassblowing reached Mallorca through the Phoenicians, who arrived on the coast in the 2nd century BC and built glass furnaces. Later, in the 16th and 17th centuries, the local people learned Venetian techniques and, to this day, these craftsmen continue to make all kinds of pieces with the sole help of tongs and a blowing rod. All the transparent, non-returnable glass from Cap Rocat is used to make blown glass products.


One of the oldest crafts in the Balearic Islands is handmade pottery and ceramics. It is closely linked to Mallorcan culture and tradition and is part of its history. The ceramic figure par excellence is the siurell, made from clay and whitewashed with lime before being decorated with coloured motifs (lines, dots, circles…). You can discover these delicate pieces of craftwork at La Fortaleza.


Cap Rocat is built on the old fortress of Cap Enderrocat and has the privilege of enjoying the waters of the Bay of Palma’s protected marine reserve. The care for this cultural and ecological heritage of Mallorca, as well as the harmonious outcome and integration within the landscape, ensure that the former fortress fully blends in with its surroundings and connects its various spaces to the landscape, thus minimising its environmental impact. The project has won several international awards, such as the Europa Nostra, España Nostra and the Fortress Study Group award.

Cap Rocat Fortress Study Group