Cap Rocat, 12th March 2020

The recurring dream is back

Spring has awakened the fresh sights and sounds of Majorca. The blue skies and the sunrays seamlessly blend into the landscape of this protected natural area. The birds are singing, days are getting longer and just as the delicate almond tree buds are opening, so have the doors of Cap Rocat.

The sun and soft temperatures invite you to explore the island and its Mediterranean landscapes. It is the perfect time to stroll through the streets of Palma, visit picturesque villages such as Deià or Valldemossa, enjoy excursions through Serra de Tramuntana, (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO) or explore the Cuevas del Drach, which are natural caves that contain the Martel lake.

*Special thank you to Jeremy Austiin for creating this spectacular video for us.