Chapter 10

Celebrating a decade


Our story

A project carried out by Antonio Obrador's architectural studio.

Ten years ago a visionary project was initiated, recovering a magical place once forgotten, and filling it with life by uniting a strong environmental commitment, an unconditional love for Mallorca and a respect for the existing architectural heritage. This once secret place has become, in its second life, even more beautiful, more loved and for the enjoyment of all. It is the incarnation of a romantic idea which proves that anything is possible when uniting genius, determination and the eternal pursuit of excellence.

Thank you for being a part of our dream, year after year.
The team of Cap Rocat.

Ten years of commitment

During the restoration project, the architectural studio Antonio Obrador paid special attention to the cultural and environmental heritage of Mallorca, keeping to the strict regulations of the fortress due to its status as a Cultural Heritage Site and classification as National Monument.

10 years later, our devotion to the island is still a high priority as we protect the ocean floors, stand by local products and carry out social and environmental service efforts, earning us recognition on both national and international levels:

  • Fortress Study Group Award, 2016.
  • Most Sensational SPA, awarded by Small Luxury Hotels, 2017.
  • Europa Nostra, 2017.
  • Hispania Nostra, 2018.
  • Prácticas Ejemplares en Responsabilidad Social, 2018.
  • Medalla de Oro Fundación Mayte Spínola, 2019.
  • Gastronomic recognition with Dos Soles Repsol in La Fortaleza Restaurant, 2019.
CAP ROCAT aerial shot from the sea